let’s be real - we hate rules!

but, here are some things that will help us work together like chocolate and peanut butter, coffee and donuts, wine and cheese…

so, now that we’re hungry:

really, we think we have the greatest clients around and generally don’t have issues with any of this.  we just want to be sure our policies are clear and that you know what to expect when you come and spend some time with us!

scheduling appointments:
to ensure an organized, coordinated and timely response to your needs, please schedule your appointment via our business email (brenda@refresh-hds.com), facebook message (refresh901) or, for the quickest response, call or text the refresh business phone (574.633.6003).

out of respect for their time, refrain from requesting or changing appointments with our designers through their personal phones or social media. they work long hours and if they're not here working, we hope they’re with their families and friends - or sleeping!  nobody wants a sleepy designer with shears. if they are working, they’re with clients and are focused with that client's needs - or eating.  we can’t risk “hangry” either - it’s a real thing here!  but really, since we ask that they keep their phones stored during their shifts, we could miss important, time-sensitive communication from you.

securing appointments/cancellation policy:
our designers do not work on an hourly rate - not even a few bucks per hour like the wait staff at your favorite restaurant - so if you don't make your appointment, they don't make any money!  so, to respect their time and income, we require a $50 deposit (first time) that secures appointments for any specialty services (anything but cuts and waxes). at your first appointment, we will get valid credit card to keep on file for future appointments as well as a document with our policy.

your credit card information is kept confidential and secure in our processing system. we cannot access your card number, so no shopping sprees with your money. payments to your card are processed only if we do not receive notice of cancellation/change more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment:

~ any appointment rescheduled/cancelled within 24 business hours* will be charged 50% of the scheduled services.  (so don’t wait for your reminder text!)
~ no shows will be charged 100% of scheduled services.
~ exceptions will be granted for serious emergencies on a case-by-case basis,  per management’s discretion.  unless deprived of coffee, they’re usually pretty reasonable.

    * we are closed sunday and monday, so tuesday appointment changes need to be                made before 10 am the previous saturday.

please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services and, last but not least, your designer loses income. it gives them time to clean, but they don’t seem to like that much.

we know how crazy life gets and how busy everyone is, so we send reminders 24 hours (text) or 48 hours (email) in advance to help avoid last-minute changes to your scheduled appointments.  now, as tempting as it is, don’t rely on these texts and emails - grab a pen or stylus and put it in your calendar when you schedule. (say that last sentence in your best mom voice.)

oh, and if you find yourself running late, please give us a quick call. “late” happens, but if you’re more than 10 minutes late, we may need to adjust your services or reschedule. unfortunately, you may still be charged for the full service.  dad always said, “if you’re not 5 minutes early, you’re late.”  we tend to agree.  if your designer is running behind we will contact you to let you know - yes, it goes both ways!

we are constantly expanding our services and keeping up with education in order to bring you the latest and greatest - for our area, not vegas or new york. although we make every effort to keep our website updated and you informed, please expect that prices will slightly increase around the beginning of each new year.  it’s how your designer gets a raise and we keep up with our rising costs.  you know, cost of living increases, blah, blah, blah.

you are walking billboards and we want you to be 100% satisfied! while they’re top-notch, our designers are human, aka not perfect.  if you’re not happy with your results, let us know within 3 days so that we can get your stylist to contact you to get it corrected. if it was his/her error, it’s on them.  if you changed your mind or just don’t like how it looks on you, it’s on you. full disclosure - we’d all like to look like the models on pinterest, but our designers can only work on hair!  also, please note that, due to the nature of home-coloring products, we cannot guarantee color services if you have previously colored your hair outside of our studio.

gosh, we love your littles. but, for safety reasons and in order to provide a refreshing, relaxing experience for you and our other guests, we’d prefer you leave kids under 8 with a sitter or have another adult accompany them here if they’re not receiving a haircut.  there are so many head-banging objects, chairs to climb and tip, a couple of tempting “runways” and our designers’ cabinets with hot irons, razors and sharp shears on ‘em.  we cannot accept any liability for injuries they incur and we’d surely feel awful!

we know sickness happens and babysitters cancel and sometimes they just have to join you.  we will help you settle them in the waiting area - with whatever you have to keep them occupied.  if it’s an electronic device, please bring earbuds so that the sound doesn’t interfere with the music playing in the studio.  they will not be able to accompany you on the studio floor or in the washhouse.

our goal is for you and every guest in the studio to experience some time away from the hustle and bustle of life.  your help with this little detail is much appreciated and helpful in reaching this goal.

as always, we can provide “tom & jerry” videos for your kiddos’ enjoyment while they receive a haircut - if they need it or unless you have a better distraction.

quiet zone:
the washhouse experience is what many of you look forward to most.  please, pause conversation until you’re finished receiving your relaxing shampoo and are back in your designer’s chair.  this is also where waxing is done - not as relaxing or enjoyable as the shampoo - but facial waxing requires a still face. and shhhhhh… please, no screaming.

cell phones:
we’re lost without our phones, aren’t we? so, please just set them to vibrate or silent so we don’t have a chorus of ringtones all up in here. also, please refrain from speakerphone conversations if you have to answer or make a call while you’re here. if you can ignore the calls, we support you!

your furry friends are your bff’s and certainly the cutest. however, unless they’re your service dog, we are unable to host them. it’s not just our concern for those with allergies or fear of animals, the health code states “no pets allowed”.

thanks so much for being great!  we appreciate you and your support.